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 ( an actual funny way)" 

  "See the beautiful sights of Copenhagen and learn the history behind them 

Welcome to Politically Incorrect Free Tours.

We do 90-minute free to join Copenhagen walking tours covering intriguing stories about cheating Kings and Queens, Fairytales without happy endings and why the Danes are the happiest country in the world (mostly because of beer and antidepressants).


Not convinced? We've existed for 6 months now, and in that short period we've become the highest rated free walking tour in Scandinavia on Google, Tripadvisor and Guruwalk.


We cover the exact same route and distance as our competitors, the difference is you'll laugh, learn and be slightly offended.

Tours run 11am and 2.30pm from outside Gammelstrand Metro Station. Guides work on a tips-based payment. Booking is required!

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